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A Family Owned Multi Genre Niche Label

"Makin' It Happen... One Dream At A Time"

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"Emmanuel(Wonderful Counselor)" a song written by Jordan & Mark Biel and recorded by Amanda Ownby Stacey makes Canadian radio !!! Christmas Songs Radio also featured Amanda on their website and Facebook page. This song was also featured in the video "Unconditional Love ( A Christmas Story)". Visit the Christmas Songs Radio website here...


Watch the video here...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzOW5GqqXTk

Amanda's one sheet...https://amandaownbystacey.hearnow.com/

As of 2021, Dreamin' Out Loud Entertainment is an indie multi-genre niche entertainment recording company focused on spreading a positive, up-lifting message through the creative arts through mp3 only releases. 

Our mission is to bring to the world positive, uplifting and professional materials of the highest quality. 

Our motto: 

"Makin it happen...One dream at a time" 

Dreamin' Out Loud Entertainment is a division of Dreamin' Out Loud, LLC


“Today is the first day of your life, live it as though it were your last. Take each step with considerable consideration. Let life live and that that ceases to exist prevail elsewhere. For all are beautiful in their own existence, and that is as it should be. Be humble and merciful and always be reassured and positive. Follow your spirit for spirit truly exists in all, and only those that believe can ever really achieve their niche in life". As published in the 1995 book "Walk Through Paradise” - Arthur "Poetry" Payne


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