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A Family Owned Multi Genre Label Sharing With The World The Music of Arthur "Poetry" Payne III

"Makin' It Happen... One Dream At A Time"

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"Me, Myself & I"

Arthur "Poetry" Payne

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"Me, Myself & I" is the first ever studio recording effort by Arthur "Poetry" Payne.

Recorded at Chapman Recording Studio by Chuck Chapman.

Music produced & arranged by Marlon Bankston.

Skip Godley - Bass, Marlon Bankston - Guitar, Cliff Cobb - Piano, Pete Cole - Drums, Stan Kessler - Fluegelhorn

Arthur “Poetry” Payne - Vocals

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Latest News

Coming Soon !!!!

Be on the lookout for new music releasing later this month on Dreamin' Out Loud Entertainment!

We will be releasing three singles in the month of January: "Aways" by the group IV Real, "Catch Me If U Can" by Ms. Genetter Bradley and "Me, Myself & I" by Arthur "Poetry" Payne followed by two new singles every six to eight weeks! The songs "Always" & "Catch Me If U Can" will both be on pre-sale starting 1-14-22 until 1-28-22.

Check out the promo videos and much more on the official D.O.L.E. YouTube channel.

As of 2021, Dreamin' Out Loud Entertainment is an indie multi-genre entertainment recording company focused on spreading a positive, up-lifting message through the creative arts through mp3 only releases. 95% of the material released are songs either written, co-written or associated with/by label owner Arthur "Poetry" Payne III. 

Our mission is to bring to the world positive, uplifting and professional materials of the highest quality. 

Our motto: 

"Makin it happen...One dream at a time" 

Dreamin' Out Loud Entertainment is a division of Dreamin' Out Loud, LLC


“Today is the first day of your life, live it as though it were your last. Take each step with considerable consideration. Let life live and that that ceases to exist prevail elsewhere. For all are beautiful in their own existence, and that is as it should be. Be humble and merciful and always be reassured and positive. Follow your spirit for spirit truly exists in all, and only those that believe can ever really achieve their niche in life". As published in the 1995 book "Walk Through Paradise” - Arthur "Poetry" Payne


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