From the recording "Me, Myself & I"

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Produced & arranged by Marlon Bankston. Recorded 1981 by Chuck Chapman with assistance by Dave Brock at Chapman Recording Studio, KCMO.


"Me, Myself & I"

(Revised Lyrics)

Lonely is the way you’d feel , if sounds of voices weren’t for real

I guess you’d say I’m all alone, but there’s three of us inside this home

And if you tried to find the rest, you’d put your mind to the ultimate test,

the other two they’re always on the go, following me just like my shadow

Chorus: Well it’s Me, Myself & I, there’s three you see & that’s no lie

It’s Me, Myself & I, Me Myself & I

When I am down, I talk to myself, myself tells me & they both help

It’s funny the way it works again & again, I’d guess you’d say we’re best of friends

Chorus: But it’s Me, Myself & I, without each other I guess we’d die

It’s Me, Myself & I, I try not to let the others see me cry

Music Break

Me, Myself & I, to each other we never lie

& when I’m down & feelin’ sad, the others always help to make me glad

It’s Me, Myself & I, just Me, Me Myself & I, we’ll be together till we die,

Yes, Me, Myself & I

I guess I’m not alone, not with two others like Me & Myself,

living inside this body that I call home