Lonnie's Reno Club

Where style, class, history and jazz all meet. 

Lonnie's Reno Club is a homage to the famous Reno Club that was once located at 12th and Cherry in Kansas City, Missouri. Be transported back in time at Lonnie's Reno Club!

The collaboration of Kansas City jazz legend and trumpeter Lonnie McFadden and Coury Hospitality. Lonnie's Reno Club is a Kansas City style jazz club inside the Ambassador Hotel Kansas City. The jazz club gives a nod to the iconic Reno Club where Count Basie played and radio broadcast introduced Kansas City jazz to the world. 

Lonnie's blends historic with hip to create an authentic KC jazz club with ties to the history of Midwest music. With a simple, delectable menu and prohibition era cocktails, music lovers and foodies will enjoy unforgettable  dining experiences. 

Lonnie McFadden (born 1956 in Kansas City, Missouri) is an American jazz trumpet player, tap dancer, singer, songwriter, arranger, and recording artist. McFadden is known for his exuberant multi-genre performance style. He and his brother, Ronald McFadden, have performed a stage show for decades as The McFadden Brothers. More recently, the Kansas City-based artist leads his own jazz ensembles.

(I've known Lonnie since we were both teenagers and have been amazed for years at the level of his talent; world-class all the way! An all around great entertainer.) Arthur "Poetry" Payne

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Lonnie's Reno Club