1. "Skin Deep"
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Writers: Amy Westbrook/Jonathan Crone/Robin Scoffield
Publisher: Levosia Entertainment, LLC
Lead Vocals: Julia Patterson


Music & background vocals produced & arranged by Jonathan Crone

Lead vocal produced & recorded by Joe Mills at Highpoint Recording Studio, Lenexa, KS.
Mixed by: Joe Mills

Music produced & arranged by Jonathan Crone, Nashville, TN.
Drums: Steve Brewster, John Hammond
Percussion: Ken Lewis
Bass: Gary Lunn
Guitars, Programming, Keys: Jonathan Crone
BGVS: Marsha Hancock, Celica Westbrook, Jonathan Crone, Katelyn McCarter, Phil King

Mastered by Rick Essig - REM Sound Mastering


I’m every girl who wants a cover of a magazine
Maybe Glamour Vogue – Cosmo Girl or Seventeen
But in the end it’s what’s inside my heart that people see
They know my principals and how I live what I believe

Oh, whoa, oh oh oh
Oh, whoa oh oh oh

I won’t pretend that I don’t care what you might think of me
But validation isn’t something that I want to seek
I’m not the kind of girl to struggle with her self-esteem
Because I know that my distinction comes from underneath

Whoah whoah
Everybody knows it
Whoah whoah
Something always shows yeah
Whoah whoah
Everybody knows
No matter what you’re told
Beauty goes beyond skin deep

I’m not a girl who’s egotistical and out of reach
My skin is fair it blisters in the sun and gives me grief
Among the many things my mother handed down to me
Was how to look at life and understand it differently


I try to keep it real
Don’t follow any crowd
You gotta ask yourself
Just what you’re all about
I’m not the one to judge
Or tell you who you are
But don’t you know that looks
They only go so far